Additional audio/visual recording options

HD Panasonic video camera with Tripod, HD Samsung camera ideal for still shots, with built in WiFi for instant sharing, HD web-cam, High quality microphone for lap top/PC and portable audio recorders


Lockers, metal detectors, security person, shredding and sand pits for distinguishing cigarettes.


Shelving units, tables, table cloths, extra lighting and touch screen TVs, all equipment needed to create a retail mock up display.


Mini ovens and hobs, microwaves, large fridge freezer and crockery available.


Flip charts, giant post it notes, pens, pencils, dot stickers, A4 & A3 paper, giant magnetic white board (boardroom) and clip boards. We have printing and copying facilities.


WiFi is available through out facilities, provided directly from BT it is fast and reliable and quality does not lessen even when using 10—20 devices

If you can not see what you are looking for please give us a call as its likely we can source these items for you, please contact us on 02 08840 2200



We offer Live Web-Streaming from both Focus Vision and Stream Team. These both provide one way streaming, audio and visual for clients anywhere in the world wanting to view your projects live, both of these options also offer a live chat area to allow quick communications to your colleagues. We offer Free Next Day Streaming for sessions up to 2 hours each, next day is offered on projects Monday to Thursday. We provide a download link of audio only files within 1 hour.

Video and Telephone Conferencing

We can offer various methods of telephone and/or video conferencing including free and low cost options like Go To Meeting, Skype, Google Hangouts and Pow Wow Now.

Playback options

DVD/Blu Ray, Sony Google internet TV (allows you to browse and view anything online like a PC), Data Projector, lap top to TV connection, iPads and tablets. Headsets for translation and note takers.

Gaming equipment

Any equipment we do not have in house we hire for you. In house; PS3, PS4, laptops, cameras, Headsets, TVs.  Also available Xbox, Wii, iPads and tablets, additional  laptops, headsets and consoles.

Eye Tracking

Various styles from eyewear to webcams all quotes and equipment is tailored to each project and usually out-sourced.